tisdag, juni 27, 2006

Summer solstice Isla del Sol

The summer solstice at Isla del Sol, in celebration of the Andean new year. The celebrations are led by two yatiris, or shamans, one woman and one man in the tradition of duality that characterizes the aymaran way of life. In the Aymaran way of seeing things everything has one female and one male part. And every female or male part in turn has their female and male part. And so on...

When the first rays of light strike the ceremonial site at one of the peaks on Isla del sol the yatiris meet them with tears in their eyes. The fire with the offerings, dried llama fetuses, coca leaves and flowers is burning forcefully delivering its offerings to the sun. It truly is an unforgettable experience beeing a part of this ceremony. I even got to bring my luck out of it, concentrated in some blessed colourful threads that all participants got from the mama yatiri.